Working Together for a Brighter Future

Children are taught essential cooperation skills and learn to work together to move past the traumas they have endured. By combining efforts as a team they learn that they are never alone.
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Art Therapy

Art therapy is based on the belief that the creative process involved in artistic self expression helps children resolve internal conflicts and issues, develop interpersonal skills, reduce stress, and increase both...
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Group Counseling

CPCR offers a variety of recovery programs for children at the Baan Oun Rak treatment shelter. After individual therapy, or whenever they're ready to share and interact with others, each child can participate in group counseling with their peers.
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Performance Art

CPCR uses drama therapy as a tool to foster personal growth and promot self esteem through performing arts. Each year, CPCR hosts a stage play at the National Theatre. The children create their own costumes...
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Mission &


We at CPCR are devoted to protecting the children of Thailand from all forms of abuse, neglect, and...

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Strength through cooperation. Our partners mean a lot to us.

Latest News

  • April 2016 Update: Annual Safer Schools Seminar
    On April 23 – 27, CPCR, the Office of Basic Education Commission, and the Ministry of Education hosted an annual seminar focusing on creating safer schools for children. School boards and teacher leaders focused on for main topics: safeguarding in schools, positive discipline, sex education, and appropriate student behavior. They also developed a working plan for 2016. CPCR invited Ticha Continue Reading...
  • March 2016 Update: ‘A Little Star’
    This month, CPCR would like to share the story of a young girl who is about to leave the assessment and treatment shelter, Baan Oun Rak. We would like to call her Dao. Dao came to Baan Oun Rak when she was eight years old. She was a neglected child left on the street. She had no family and nowhere Continue Reading...
  • New CPCR “Let’s Protect Children” T-Shirts
    CPCR just launched their ‘Let’s Protect Children’ T-Shirt Campaign. Make a donation of 200 THB and receive your own t-shirt. All profits will support CPCR’s child protection program. Make a donation today!...
  • February 2016 Update: The ‘Art Brings Happiness’ Program and Children’s Community Risk Assessment
    The ‘Art Brings Happiness’ Program Boonnisa Bonprasob, head of CPCR’s Assessment & Treatment Shelter, worked with CPCR volunteers to develop an art program for the children at the Pakkred Orphanage. ‘Art Brings Happiness’ is a program that aims to build children’s creative skills and imagination. Since art is a universal language that brings joy and hope to all, it comes Continue Reading...
  • January 2016 Update: ‘The Child Guard’ and Coca Cola Thailand Staff Supports CPCR
    ‘The Child Guard’ On January 14–17, CPCR opened a PR booth called ‘The Child Guard’ at the ‘Our Hands for Better Thailand’ event at Central World. CPCR’s booth aimed to invite the general public to volunteer for CPCR. ‘Anyone Can Be a Child Guard’ is the message CPCR wants to share with the people of Thailand. Everyone can look after Continue Reading...
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