Working Together for a Brighter Future

Children are taught essential cooperation skills and learn to work together to move past the traumas they have endured. By combining efforts as a team they learn that they are never alone.
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Art Therapy

Art therapy is based on the belief that the creative process involved in artistic self expression helps children resolve internal conflicts and issues, develop interpersonal skills, reduce stress, and increase both...
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Group Counseling

CPCR offers a variety of recovery programs for children at the Baan Oun Rak treatment shelter. After individual therapy, or whenever they're ready to share and interact with others, each child can participate in group counseling with their peers.
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Performance Art

CPCR uses drama therapy as a tool to foster personal growth and promot self esteem through performing arts. Each year, CPCR hosts a stage play at the National Theatre. The children create their own costumes...
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Mission &


We at CPCR are devoted to protecting the children of Thailand from all forms of abuse, neglect, and...

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Strength through cooperation. Our partners mean a lot to us.

Latest News

  • November 2016 Update: CPCR Offers Sex Education Program for Young Children
    On November 26th, CPCR Child Guard, a group of volunteers, traveled to the Wat Bungkhum School in Suphanburi Province to hosted a sex education program event. The Child Guard taught young children best practices for handling risky and potentially dangerous situations. CPCR executive director Wassana Kaonoparat also participated in the training. She led the Child Guard to show students from Continue Reading...
  • Donate Now to CPCR’s “Child Guard” Campaign
    Please support CPCR in promoting their ‘Child Guard,’ a campaign that provides child safety programs across Thailand. If you donate $30 or more, CPCR will send you a ‘Let’s Protect Children’ t-shirt as a gift of gratitude. Please donate here. Thank you for all your support....
  • August 2016 Update: ‘Thet Mahachat to Assist Child Victims of Abuse’
    On August 28th, in cooperation with the Buddhist Association of Thailand and Thammasapa Banluetham Company, CPCR hosted a fundraising event, ‘Thet Mahachat to Assist Child Victims of Abuse.’ Thet Mahachat is a Buddhist ceremony that gathers Buddhists to listen to the chanting of monks. Fourteen chapters of chanting tell the story of Prince Vessanatara, who enlightened himself with the highest and Continue Reading...
  • July 2016 Update: ‘The Child Guard’
    ‘The Child Guard’ is a campaign that CPCR has led since January 2016, inviting the general public to volunteer and provide safety for children. The program also aims to develop parenting and childhood development skills, as well as educating individuals on basic children rights according to UNCRC. The initial launch of the program received positive feedback from many groups and Continue Reading...
  • June 2016 Update: A Classroom of Teachers
    On June 18th, CPCR hosted a workshop for a select group of teachers from school districts in Chiangmai. ‘The Teacher Classroom’ is a program that CPCR’s Child & Family Development Unit developed for teachers to gain more confidence and efficiency in their teaching methods. Last year, CPCR introduced ‘Positive Discipline’ to their child protection programs. This technique has received a Continue Reading...
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