Thai New Year ‘Songkarn’ Ceremony at Baan Oun Rak

Thai people celebrate the new year on April 13, and it’s traditionally a family holiday. CPCR’s holiday program allows the children at Baan Oun Rak to participate in a special traditional ceremony. Nowadays, many people in Thai society misinterpret the meaning of Songkran, so CPCR tries to preserve the culture for future generations by teaching the children these traditions.

This year, CPCR celebrated the new year with the Songkarn ceremony at Baan Oun Rak on April 10. Children took a week to prepare, sending invitations to all of the CPCR staff and guests. CPCR executive director Wassna Kaonoparat was the guest of honor. The ceremony began with Ms. Kaonoparat welcoming everyone. Then, the children described the meaning of the ceremony. ‘Water’ is a symbol of cleansing and renewal. Everyone sprinkled scented water on a Buddha image. The children also paid respect and asked for a new year blessing by pouring scented water over their elders’ hands. After that, they performed a traditional Thai dance.

The small ceremony prepared by the children is an example of an activity that proves they can do anything that they want to do. The CPCR staff made a new year wish for their children to be happy and enjoy every minute of life.


CPCR Volunteers to Support Fire Victims

On April 14, over 50 families were recently impacted by a fire incident in the Soi Pattana community in Bangkok. One of the victims has been an avid supporter and partner of CPCR for over 10 years. So CPCR volunteers decided to host a fundraiser to help. They delivered financial aid, as well as products, to the victims. CPCR would like to thank you everyone who donated.


“How to Assist and Protect Our Students With a Positive Approach”

On April 22-24, CPCR conducted a seminar entitled “How to Assist and Protect Our Students With a Positive Approach.” There were 105 participants, including school board members, teachers, and other partners. CPCR invited Professor Sombat Taapanya to give a lecture on how to promote positive child behavior. The seminar was a great success, and all attendees learned a new method to assist their students.

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