Pahpa Fundraising Event: ‘Please Help Me!’
On August 8, CPCR and Wat Hong Rattanaram Ratchworawiham hosted a Pahpa fundraising event, entitled ‘Please Help Me!’ aimed to raise money to cover CPCR operational expenses. Each year, CPCR spends over 16 million baht to rescue and support hundreds of child victims of abuse, neglect, and exploitation. The rehabilitation process for these children takes a significant amount of manpower, resources, time, and money. CPCR has raised up to 2.1 million baht and would like to thank all of their supporters.


Understanding Sexual Development and Behavior in Teenagers
On August 13 and 14, the Ministry of Social Development & Human Security, the Foundation for the Promotion of Family Institution (FPFI), and CPCR conducted a two-day workshop entitled ‘Understanding Sexual Development and Behavior in Teenagers’ in the Khonkaen Province. There were over 70 participants, including nurses, teachers, and students. CPCR recruited and trained 14 students from the Nongno-Prachasawan School to lead the workshop. The goal of the program was to help participants develop sex education programs in their schools and institutions.


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