On August 28th, in cooperation with the Buddhist Association of Thailand and Thammasapa Banluetham Company, CPCR hosted a fundraising event, ‘Thet Mahachat to Assist Child Victims of Abuse.’ Thet Mahachat is a Buddhist ceremony that gathers Buddhists to listen to the chanting of monks. Fourteen chapters of chanting tell the story of Prince Vessanatara, who enlightened himself with the highest and noblest virtues in human life. In each chapter, people donate money to support the ceremony. At the event, CPCR adopted a technique from the Buddhist ceremony and asked religion organizations for their support. At the end, all attendees donate to assist child victims of abuse. The ceremony received positive feedback, and CPCR raised approximately 1.7 million THB. CPCR would like to thank all donors for their generosity.


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