Family Camp With Four Child Protection Communities

“I like the sound of trees. It’s really like the sound of a river. This was the first time I had a chance to go camping with my family…” This is a comment from a 9-year-old boy who shared his experience with the CPCR staff. He participated in “Family Camp” from December 19th – 20th at Armed Forces Development Command in Saraburi Province. The child and family development activity aims to build and strengthen family bonds within the child protection community network. There are 15 families from four child protection communities – Wat Pracharabuetham, Sinsap-Pattana, Taharn-Luxsawang, and Suwanprasit. They all came together and learned how to go camping in the forest. They shared their cooking skills and other crafts. This was a great opportunity for the children to develop their life skills together with their own parents.


Local Child Protection Officers Meeting in Suphanburi Province

On December 24, CPCR executive director Wassana Kaonoparat met with local officers from Suphanburi Province. Since 2014, CPCR has worked with the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security and UNICEF to conduct training programs for state officers from 10 provinces. The programs aim to strengthen existing mechanisms under the Child Protection Acts and build the capacity of local administrative staff. At this meeting, CPCR reviewed officers’ performance, and the officers shared their experiences. The group also found solutions to barriers hindering the operation, leading to positive developments. The local officers from Suphanburi Province can assist children and work with families, schools, and communities to support each case. CPCR has high hopes that these local officers will develop their skills and help expand the program to other areas in the future.


A New Year’s Celebration for Children at Baan Oun Rak

On December 25, to celebrate the season, CPCR hosted a New Year’s celebration for children at CPCR’s assessment and treatment shelter, Baan Oun Rak. The staff wanted the children at to learn about the tradition, culture, and meaning behind the holiday. They also wanted the kids to have some fun and make their own new year’s resolutions. The New Year’s party was simple, but meaningful. The children put on a performance, and one special 10-year-old girl played the piano. She was taught by a CPCR volunteer. The New Year is a symbol of celebration, happiness, and new beginnings. The CPCR staff wants the children to cherish this moment and get ready to begin a new life.


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