‘The Child Guard’
On January 14–17, CPCR opened a PR booth called ‘The Child Guard’ at the ‘Our Hands for Better Thailand’ event at Central World. CPCR’s booth aimed to invite the general public to volunteer for CPCR. ‘Anyone Can Be a Child Guard’ is the message CPCR wants to share with the people of Thailand. Everyone can look after children and assist them when they’re in trouble. At the event, CPCR volunteers welcomed all guests who visited the booth and shared their experiences working with the foundation. They also hosted a recycled bag painting activity. All bag painting proceeds were put towards CPCR operations.


Coca Cola Thailand Staff Supports CPCR
On January 8, as part of CPCR’s Children’s Day Festival, a group of employees from Coca Cola Thailand came to support CPCR the children’s activities at the Suksasongkroh Bangkruai Welfare School. Coca Cola staff provided food and drinks, and they invited Ronal MacDonald to perform a comedy for the children. Coca Cola also donated funds to support CPCR operations. On behalf of the children and staff at CPCR, we would like to thank Coca Cola Thailand for their generosity.

Children's day _Coca Cola 2

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