‘Caring Society for Children Tree’

On July 11, a ‘Caring Society for Children Tree’ was planted at CPCR. Volunteer Sathita Rojpochanarat offered up her time and energy to paint a gigantic tree in the CPCR meeting room. This tree tells the story of CPCR over 34 years. Now, guests who visit CPCR will be able to see all of these beautiful milestones illustrated in the tree.


Field Trip to ‘So Good! at Petchburi’

On July 8, CPCR and other organizations in the Child Protection Community Program visited “So Good! at Petchburi!” in Petchburi. “Lookwaa Group” and “Krasuay-Noi Group” are two clubs that provide development programs for children in their communities. “Lookwaa Group” has developed a program that utilizes local exotic materials to teach children about culture and community. “Krasuay-Noi Group” also opens a space for children to learn about local culture. Their intention is to preserve a traditional way of life and provide activities for children on weekends. CPCR and partners learned a lot from their management and will adopt their methods in future child development programs.

Local Officer Training in Chiangmai

On July 17-18, CPCR continued to monitor the performance of state officers at the sub-district level, collaborating with the Ministry of Human Security and Social Development and UNICEF. This month, CPCR Executive Director Wassana Kaonoparat met the local administrative staff in Chiangmai. After the training, the officers gave positive feedback, suggesting they are now confident and clearly understand how to develop child protection operations in their respective areas.

Organic Garden at ‘Baan Oun Rak’

On July 25, CPCR opened Baan Oun Rak’s doors to volunteers to come help the children plant an organic vegetable garden. The garden will not only provide the children with fresh vegetables to eat, but also a greater sense of self esteem. When they see their plants grow, it will give them confidence to set and achieve any goal they may have. The event would not have been possible without the support of volunteers, and it shows the power of community spirit.


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