‘The Child Guard’ is a campaign that CPCR has led since January 2016, inviting the general public to volunteer and provide safety for children. The program also aims to develop parenting and childhood development skills, as well as educating individuals on basic children rights according to UNCRC. The initial launch of the program received positive feedback from many groups and served as a wake up call that support and protection need to be given to children.

On July 9th, CPCR hosted an event called ‘Assembling the Child Guard: You Can Do It’ at Esplanade Cineplex Ngamwongwan Khae-rai. They invited partners and volunteers with a common goal to come together and create change. As an example, the Child Safety Promotion and Injury Prevention Research Center at Ramathibodi Hospital developed the idea to host a ‘Road Safety for Children Workshop.’ Many volunteers made DIY teaching tools such as English alphabet game boxes and delivered them to children in 10 different child protection communities, including Bangkok and other regional areas.

CPCR’s president, executive director, and representatives from Ramathibodi Hospital and Ministry of Public Health held seminars, supporting the growth of ‘the Child Guard.’ TV spokespeople and celebrities also shared their experiences in support of the Child Guard. The event concluded with a unique ceremony – ‘Planting the Child Guard Seeds.’

CPCR believes that everyone can be a child guard!


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