‘Pure Art’: Children’s Art Exhibition

On June 5th, CPCR opened a children’s art exhibition entitled ‘Pure Art’ at the Krungthai Art Gallery in Bangkok. CPCR has run an art therapy program at the ‘Baan Oun Rak’ shelter for nearly 15 years, and their resident art therapist Sayjai Srilime loves to showcase how art can serve as a tool for self expression and recovery. Srilime also uses the children’s artwork to better design future treatment plans. In the exhibit, children are given a chance to show their paintings and explain their meaning to the audience. Paintings are also for sale.

This year, they celebrated the 10th anniversary of the exhibition with more than 30 paintings. Srilime introduced mandala drawing to CPCR children and staff at the beginning of this year, so she was excited to share these pieces with the audience. ‘Pure Art’ was shown to the general public at the Krungthai Art Gallery Bangkok for the month of June.

11351200_958323837546334_5306684634007290031_nLocal Child Protection Training in Kanchanaburi and Suphanburi

CPCR conducts sub-district meetings, which aim to monitor the performance of state officers, regarding child protection. In June, they hosted meetings with local officers in the Kanchanaburi and Suphanburi Provinces. Programs are sponsored by CPCR, the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, and UNICEF. The meetings aim to strengthen existing mechanisms under the Child Protection Act and build the capacity of local administrative staff at the sub-district level in 10 provinces.

During the meeting, CPCR received positive feedback from local staff. Since they have been trained by CPCR and have experience in their area, they understand and can look after their children in the areas. This is a positive development of child protection operation in Thailand.


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