The 3rd Annual CPCR Volunteer Meeting

With last year’s successful volunteer program in mind, CPCR promoted the campaign of ‘Let’s Build a Caring Society’ to the public and invited them to volunteer again 2015. CPCR posted their recruitment announcement on their Thai website, Facebook page, and on partners’ social media platforms in February. This year, applicants were able to apply online, which helped them collect data and run the program with efficiency. Select volunteers were invited to the annual orientation in March.

On March 17, 35 new volunteers met the CPCR staff and their senior volunteers. They were also given an introduction to the organization, along with the rules and regulations. Senior volunteers shared their experiences and memories with CPCR.

The new volunteers were asked to choose from one of three programs: Child Development at ‘Baan Oun Rak,’ Child Development in the Child Protection Community, and Academic Works. It was clear that the new volunteers, most under 30 years old, were excited to get started.

Children of Baan Oun Rak Take Part in Meditation Program

On March 21–24, children from Baan Oun Rak were given a chance to join the meditation program at the Thai Plum Village International Practice Center in Nakhonrachasima Province. Thai Plum Village is known for being a welcoming community that allows all individuals to enjoy the wonderful practice of mindfulness.

Boonnisa Boonprasob, head of the CPCR assessment and treatment shelter, wants the children to develop their minds to become more stable and peaceful. Meditation is a useful tool to achieve this before they visit their parents during summer break. The children were trained to nurture their own inner growth. Daily activities were designed to bring happiness and mindful living back into their lives.

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