On November 26th, CPCR Child Guard, a group of volunteers, traveled to the Wat Bungkhum School in Suphanburi Province to hosted a sex education program event. The Child Guard taught young children best practices for handling risky and potentially dangerous situations. CPCR executive director Wassana Kaonoparat also participated in the training. She led the Child Guard to show students from the Wat Bungkhum School how to avoid, refuse, and ask for help in situations where they’re at risk of sexual abuse. This regional training is another program that CPCR would love to promote nationwide so that everyone in Thai society can become a “Child Guard.”

After the training, the Child Guard presented the children and their families with tools and donated a variety of items to the Wat Bungkhum School. CPCR produced the learning materials from recycled products, with donations from CPCR program supports.

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