Wassana Kaonoparat, or Wass, looks after everyone at CPCR. She graduated from Thammasat University with a bachelor’s degree in law and a master’s degree in social work, focusing on criminal justice. Wassana joined CPCR in 1991 as a legal officer and was then promoted to director of child protection. Now, serving as executive director, her commitment remains the same. She facilitates partnerships with other child protection and abuse prevention organizations in Thailand.


In her career, Wassana has rescued and protected victims of human trafficking and developed curriculums for individuals and organizations concerned with the suppression and prevention of human trafficking. These curriculums have served as an important resource for Thai government officials under the anti-trafficking act of 2008. Wassana is a member of a number of Thai national child protection and anti-human-trafficking committees. The Professor Pakorn Angsusingha Foundation granted her the award of Outstanding Social Worker in 2008.


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